[Franco] Fete de la musique

Ginette Charmat ginette@ait.ac.th
Fri, 20 Jun 2003 09:08:31 +0700

<div align="center"><font face="arial" size=6 color="#0000FF"><b>Fete de
la Musique<br>
<font size=4 color="#FF0000">DEMAIN SOIR<br><br>
Article from &quot;The Nation&quot; 20/06/03<br><br>
<font face="arial">DETAILS <br>
What:</b> Fete de la Musique. <br>
<b>When: </b>4pm to 10pm
</font><font face="arial" color="#0000FF"><b><u>tomorrow. <br>
</u></font><font face="arial">Where:</b> Suan Santi Chaiprakan, Phra
Arthit Road. (Great Palace)<br>
<b>How much:</b> </font><font face="arial" color="#0000FF"><b><u>Free.
</u></font><font face="arial">What else: </b>For more information call
(02) 670 4233 or go to <br><br>
<b>SCHEDULE <br>
</b>4pm: Jazz Machine <br>
4.30pm: Neo Natus (rock) <br>
4.55pm: MSN (alternative) <br>
5.25pm: Buddhist Holiday (rock) <br>
5.55pm: Gene (folk) <br>
6.20pm: Lek of Praw and Song of Paradox (acoustic) <br>
7.10pm: Dubbrainer (dub) <br>
7.40pm: Futon (electroclash) <br>
8.10pm: Apartment Khunpa (funk rock) <br>
20.40pm: Flure (rock) <br>
9.15pm: Styrene Jungle (new rock)<br><br>
</font><div align="center"><font size=4><b>Je suis un rock star 
<font face="arial">Fete de la Musique may be a French event, but it will
be the local acts that dominate. <br>
Since 1982 the French have celebrated summer solstice by rocking the
world with “Fete de la Musique.” <br>
And although it started off as a local event celebrating the music of
France, it has gone global with hundreds of cities participating. <br>
The Bangkok festival was first held a decade ago, says Phillipe Laleu,
the director of the Alliance Francaise, which is co-organising the event
with Dude Sweet. <br>
It’s now a much bigger event, with a stack of bands. There’s a couple of
French groups, but mainly it’ll be local acts. <br>
“We are trying to make this a Thai event. It’s a good way to promote
music and to give an opportunity to young bands to play together with
famous ones,” says Laleu. <br>
The French groups are both locally-based bands, Jazz Machine and rock
group, Neo Natus, who will kick off the festival at Suan Santi Chaiprakan
on Phra Arthit Road. <br>
After that, the festival will be a free showcase of local talent. <br>
The cheeky funk-pop band Yokee Playboy are back, after a break from
performing to record their latest album “The Greatest Grandfather Hits”
with Bakery Music. Yokee front man, Piya “Po” Satarawaha, is sure to
seduce with his signature style, blending ’70s sounds with beautiful
ballads. Expect to hear some well-known hits such as “Love Trend”, “YKPB”
and “Super Swinging,” and maybe some singles like “Sarapap” from the new
album. <br>
A band to look out for is the funk-rock outfit Apartment Khunpa, whose
debut album, “Bangkok Love Story” is set for release at the end of July.
The five-member band, fronted by songwriter-rapper Tul Vitulkiat, play an
infectious blues-tinged mix of rock and hiphop. <br>
Other bands of note are Dubbrainer, for their first live performance in
some time, and recently-formed Futon, Thailand’s first electroclash act,
and of course Styrene Jungle, with their sexy lead singer, Oh Hathairat,
and their sweet indie-pop-rock tunes. <br>
If you want something a bit softer to cool you down, there are acoustic
performances by Lek of Praw and Song from Paradox as well as folk songs
by new face Gene. <br>
So, bring a mat to sit on, some beer and snacks to eat, and listen to the
music. Encore! <br>
</font><a href="http://www.alliance-francaise.or.th/" eudora="autourl">http://www.alliance-francaise.or.th</a></html>